Have a chat with a creative filmmaker to get strategic ideas for your video marketing

We'll sit down with you for 30 minutes (on-the-phone or in-person*) and explore creative ideas to grow your business through video for FREE (no-obligations). We'll give you expert advice on how to use video to increase your traffic, nurture your leads and maximize your conversion rate.

Concept Development

Style, Form & Structure

Implementation Strategy

*Location must be within 1 hour of Sydney CBD

Book now and receive a Black Iris Films FREE 30-Minute Creative Brainstorming Session, no-obligations. You'll speak
with a creative filmmaker (not a salesperson) with extensive expertise in video production and marketing.

Concept Development

We'll discuss your video ideas, give you feedback on the direction you're headed, and work on ideas for a concept to pitch your business effectively. We'll help you shape an idea into something you feel excited about.

Style, Form & Structure

Figure out a visual style for your video, and receive some relevant video examples to get the ideas flowing. We'll discuss form in terms of duration, aspect ratio and what might work on different social media platforms. We'll also figure out a way to hook your viewer, keep them engaged, and get them to the CTA with a great structure.


Implementation Strategy

Get expert advice to have your video seen by as many viewers as possible, so you can leverage your video to maximize your conversions.


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