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Sell the Lifestyle not the Product

It's nothing new, in fact it's a tale as old as time, but nonetheless it can help to go back to basics every now and then. Selling your product (or service) based on the lifestyle benefits you offer will ultimately result in more sales, here's why...

If you use the why, why, why test to drill down to the core benefits of your offering, you will inevitably end up at the lifestyle benefits. For example, if you sell financial services, people need you because they need to make sure they have financial security, because they need to make sure their family has a roof over their heads at night and food on the table, because that will stop them from having a crappy lifestyle and dying cold and miserable.

So a financial services company would be well advised to sell the freedom they offer their clients. The peace of mind and the long-lasting happy life their clients can enjoy as a result of their help. The feeling of relief and gratitude they'll have in their old age that they don't have to work because they had a good super, or made good investments.

Because that's not only what people need, it's what they want. People want an enjoyable lifestyle, they want happiness and freedom. They want to ease their stress, spend more time with their family, live in the now worry-free.

That's why this is the age of influencer marketing - the number 1 thing that rises above the noise time and time again, is people living an enviable lifestyle. That's why there are thousands of agencies worldwide whose job it is to connect influencers with brands. Because it's the easiest way to associate the brand with an authentic lifestyle that people want.

Selling the lifestyle instead of the product will establish an emotional connection with your customers. It will make your offering something they wish they had in their lives, because then they can have the lifestyle they dream of. #emotion #lifestyle #strategy


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