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Charity Video

Street Growth

Client: Street Growth - A Charity That Grows and Sells Plants to Raise Money for the Homeless

Goal: Get Volunteers & Donations

Video Format: 30-Second Hook Video Ad, 1 & 2-Minute Social Media Video, 1.5-Minute Website Video 

Platforms: YouTube Ad, Facebook Ad, Instagram Ad, Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Website

While creating this video, we learned that biggest benefit of volunteering with Street Growth was the boost to mental health it gave volunteers. The emotional effect of volunteering, combined with the therapeutic effect of working with plants means that they are actually providing a form of free therapy - one of the best available. So we structured the video around this idea.

This video formed a marketing funnel of its own: the 30 second version was played as YouTube and Facebook Ads and that linked to a longer version on the volunteer page. This directed potential volunteers to the website so they could fill out the volunteer application form. We also created a full Video Sales Letter (VSL) version for the Street Growth landing page.

Special thanks to ABC's Gardening Australia for supplying footage

Street Growth - Charity Video
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