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3D Animation & VFX - Course Overview

Client: The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) - an Australian / US Not-For-Profit 3D Animation & VFX College

Goal: Get Student Applications

Video Format: 2-minute Service Video

Platforms: Broadcast TV, YouTube Ad, Facebook Ad

Interviews intercut with cutaways of what they're talking about, with an anamorphic aspect ratio, a little music thrown in the background and you've got a service video. Well, maybe it's a little more complicated than that but still, it's a good formula. If you're unaware, a service video goes on your website and informs the viewer of what the service is and how it works. It is a major part of nurturing your leads and the goal is to get prospects to the end of the funnel to buy your service. It should be as short as possible, ideally no more than 2 minutes. The more complicated and valuable the service, however, the longer it should be.

3D Animation & VFX Course Overview
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