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A reliable Sydney video partner to help you grow faster.

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The Problem:

Digital Marketing content that falls short of objectives. Spending your budget and spinning your wheels in a crowded marketplace.

The Solution:

An innovative, creative and professional video team that covers every part of the process, so you don't have to. Video communications that drive results.

"Whatever we have in mind, the finished product is usually much better than that."

Ian Lowe, CEO | Dacxi Global


Our clients love us because we limit our capacity, in order to give each client's needs the consideration they deserve. Bespoke, tailored, unique videos to stand out above the noise and beat the competition.

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Marketing videos, social media videos, passion projects, corporate videos & TV Commercials

We use creative video marketing to get through to your customers & communicate your message, so you can keep doing what you do best. Click the thumbnails below to view some of our work (more available upon request).


Hard problems we're solving with video

Boost return on ad-spend. Elevate your content quality. Drive conversions. As a full-service digital content creator, Black Iris Films can help you transform your visual strategy, engage your audience and get the possible ROI for your marketing efforts.