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5 Different Types of Explainer Videos

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Explainer videos are crucial to marketing your business. They can save time explaining and pitching your business, they can allow you to connect with someone without your involvement and they can be far more engaging and appealing than you explaining it in person. Explainer videos can double for a landing page video.

Here are 5 different types of explainer videos we think are a great way to go:

1. Footage, captions and talking heads explainer video

This works because it reels people in on social media by starting with text. It means they begin engaging with it before they've chosen to turn on the sound. It also helps, like the above example, to immediately start by offering a solution to a problem people might have.

2. Captions only explainer video

A video like this works because it's short and sharp and tells the viewer about something cool or interesting that's going on in the world (i.e. your business). The lack of talking heads here can actually help because it feels more authentic, people won't feel like they're being sold and instead will feel similar to being told about something cool by a friend. People are often more likely to share, comment and like this kind of video.

3. Powtoons explainer video

Powtoons is a great little online app that allows you to quickly and easily pull together "whiteboard" explainer videos. They function on a subscription service but production companies often have a subscription and can put one-off videos together for you on request.

4. Animated explainer video

They're the most expensive but for a reason. Fully animated explainer videos are simply the most engaging form of explainer videos, and allow you to convey information through powerful infographics, combining the 2 most valued forms of information on the internet.

5. Talking heads explainer video

If you have someone who's really good on camera, or who can serve as the central focus of a video, a talking heads explainer can be a good way to go. This also works well if you have something you need to pitch at an event, on a big screen.

The videos seen above were all produced and edited by us at Black Iris Films. If you need an explainer video made, feel free to book a strategy session with us now to see if we might be a good fit to work together.


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