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DIY Video for Business - Train Yourself With Your Smartphone

Like anything in business, you get what you pay for and we honestly recommend getting professionals to create the videos for your business (at least the more important ones). Before doing that, however, it’s definitely beneficial to get some practice with on-camera presentation and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The best way to train yourself on camera is to simply download a TelePrompter app on your phone.

This way you can read your script, or even better - bullet points to cover, straight off your phone screen while recording yourself simultaneously.

Now the first time is likely to be terrible, but that’s okay. Don’t be hard on yourself, just look at it objectively and think about what you can improve on. Repeat this process again and again until you’re happy with what you’re getting.

Get feedback from friends or colleagues along the way - they will help you remain objective.

Some things to consider for improvement:

  • Confidence

  • Pausing for effect

  • Minimising umms and ahhs

  • Energy (the camera will suck about 50% of your energy, so it’s best to be at 150% energy to compensate)

  • Beginning and ending with a smile 🙂

  • Having your face lit brighter than the background

  • What the background says about you

  • Keeping the duration short

A great app for this is simply called ‘Teleprompter‘ and is available in the App Store.

Best of luck and let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions for improving your on-camera presentation!


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