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Employee Turnover Ruining Videos? Here's 1 Smart Way to Fix It

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

So you make a video featuring your fantastic employees because you know that people want to do business with people and you want to be relatable. You might also know that your business is successful because the people who deliver your products or services are experts. You shoot the video, edit it, go through a couple of rounds of feedback and eventually go live with it, only to have 1 of your employees announce they're leaving a week later. This is a problem a lot of businesses face but they quite often don't see it coming.

The solution for this is fairly simple, and maybe the biggest breakthrough with this problem is realizing to address it as early as possible, but here it is:

When speaking about employees, speak about them generically.

So instead of showing the value of your employees by talking about each person specifically, talk about the type of professionals you have working for you. This way, you can speak about their common backgrounds, the expertise required to work in your organisation and the skillset they bring to the table. This has 3 main benefits:

  1. Your video isn't ruined by employee turnover

  2. Your pitch immediately becomes clearer and more appealing

  3. Less production is involved to convey the value of your employees

A video with 'Hi I'm Steve, I head up the XYZ department. My background is in yada yada yada' gets really boring, really fast because the viewer is thinking 'okay, but I might not end up working with you specifically so you're just wasting my time if I don't'.

Whereas if you talk about your people generically, your video becomes drastically more appealing because it's all framed around how the members of your organisation can provide value to your clients.

Check out this example of an 'About the Teachers' video we made for the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, to replace their 'Meet the Teachers' video:


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