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How to Create a Landing Page Video That Drives Sales

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

A great landing page video, also known as a homepage video, a website video, or a Video Sales Letter (VSL) is crucial to maximizing your conversions and the resulting revenue. According to news shared by Hubspot, embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Our preferred name is the VSL, because it keeps the purpose of the landing page video clear - a value proposition to the potential client or customer for why you are the best solution to their problem.


This can vary, but essentially your VSL should be anywhere from 1-2 minutes in length. The higher your products or services are priced, the longer the video should be. Conversely the shorter the video is, the more likely your viewer is to watch it. It's about finding a middle ground.


There are 2 agendas that you need to cater for in your VSL - your customer's and your own.

  1. Deliver them value based on why they clicked on your video - to learn about how your business can be of value to them.

  2. Accomplish your own goal - to get the customer to your lead magnet and get their contact details so you can market to them (since this is usually an early point of contact).


This video is mainly going to be seen on your landing page, so most likely the viewer will see it from the beginning with the sound switched on, therefore the usual rule of leading with text is not necessary here.

The 2 most highly valued media types on the internet are Video and Infographics, so it usually makes sense to create an animated Infographic Video. This will explain your service in a clear, concise, branded, entertaining and engaging way.

For a lower budget, live-action footage can still work, but the concept and scripting will require more effort to create something on the same level.


All stories should follow the time-tested structure of the hero's journey, meaning that all structure rules that apply to novels, TV series, TV episodes, Feature Length Films and any other type of story should also apply to your VSL.

Your video should be divided evenly into 6 sections:

  1. Set up the ordinary world (eg. Advertising is primarily done through Facebook™)

  2. How this world works (eg. detail the various ways you can advertise on Facebook™)

  3. The problem that exists as a result of this world (eg. You can waste lots of expenditure on trial and error)

  4. (Half way) The solution you provide, including teaching them 1 tip to solve the problem themselves (eg. We help you maximise your results in Facebook™ ads. Want to know 1 way you can get the best ROI? [Outline Strategy X])

  5. Your call-to-action: usually explaining why going to your lead magnet is of value to them. You should ideally include a link to the lead magnet on screen. (eg. To learn more about Facebook™ ads download our FREE Facebook™ Ads Cheat Sheet)

  6. Your ending summary, logo sting and tagline. (eg. [Facebook™ Ad company X] - Facebook™ advertising that works

If you can finish this by leaving them at the lead magnet then that's ideal. It's important this be seen as a set of structural guidelines, rather than a set of unbreakable rules. Get creative with it!

Various Edits

Depending on the VSL, it's also advised to create a 30-second & 15-second version that you can then use as an Ad on social media, prompting viewers to click through to learn more. Once you've gone to the effort to make the video in the first place, it makes financial sense to squeeze every last drop out of it and get as much mileage out of that investment as possible.

Your VSL is the most important video in your arsenal - your flagship marketer - so it's important to get it right. If you want help creating a custom strategy for your own VSL, feel free to book a FREE strategy session with us and we'll help you figure it out (no-obligations).


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