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How to Make an IMPACT With Your Marketing Videos

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Okay, just a heads up - we're going to suggest doing something to solve meaningful problems again. But hear us out!

It can seem like a sacrifice for some, but to those that see it that way, you might be missing out on the biggest opportunity your business has access to.

Doing something to solve meaningful problems in the world has obvious benefits in that it makes the world a better place and is more fulfilling than regular work and all that yada yada, but the thing a lot of people overlook is the cyclical effect that it has on your business.

It's a cliche but people want to do business with people they like, know and trust. If your business is something your cold prospects are unfamiliar with, then they're lacking an emotional connection with your business.

The solution: make a marketing video that is NOT about your business. At least, not on the surface. Create a video, or an event that you make a video of, to solve a meaningful problem that you genuinely care about.

  • You'll attract people that care about the same things you care about

  • You'll convert a lot of those people to warm leads

  • You'll easily form powerful partnerships

  • You'll increase employee engagement, strengthen your social license to operate and form tighter bonds with your community

By doing something that is genuinely generous in spirit, people will warm to you. They'll grow to like you, know you and trust you. No tricks, no sales tactics, just honest human decency. Partnering with a non-profit can be a great way to split the work-load and you can often find people to donate their time pro-bono to help out.

For an example, check out this video we made with F45 & Outback Academy Australia, in support of the Invictus Games, to highlight the ability in disability. Pay particular attention to how this affects your view of F45 training:


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