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Unlocking The Power of Wit and Originality in B2B Video Marketing - Agency Insights

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

As a leading video marketing agency, we understand the power of wit and originality in B2B video content. Humour isn't just for B2C; it has a place in B2B marketing as well.

A LinkedIn study found that 76% of viewers are more likely to watch a funny video, and 74% are drawn to unique content. While not every joke will land with every viewer, targeting a niche audience that shares your sense of humour can create a more loyal customer base.

  • Humour Types: From wit and satire to slapstick, identify the humour that aligns with your brand.

  • Uniqueness: Don't be afraid to show off what makes your brand unique, whether it's your approach to solutions or company culture.

🎬 Watch our concise video to learn how to infuse wit and originality into your B2B video marketing strategy.


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