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Why Use Video?

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

A marketing funnel is currently the best method for marketing your business, as it creates paths for your prospects to follow that lead directly to your sale. Video is often seen as an afterthought when it comes to online marketing but, in fact, it should really be the MVP on your team. If you use video correctly, it should function as the oil in your sales machine, rewarding customers for taking the previous step and encouraging them to take the next step.

Here are 10 statistics that show how valuable video has become in recent years (according to a Cisco study):

  1. Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.

  2. 87% of online marketers are currently using video content in their digital marketing strategies.

  3. Embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.

  4. 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.

  5. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year.

  6. 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

  7. Adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300%.

  8. A third of all the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos.

  9. Video ads now account for more than 35% of all ad spending online.

  10. 59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post.


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