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Why You Should Create a 'Hook' Snippet of Your Marketing Videos

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Say you've got a marketing video that's 2 minutes long. It's really important that people see it but when it comes time to promote it on Facebook™ and other social media, you're hit with a dilemma:

The recommended length for any ad is 15-30 seconds.

This is why some companies are thinking ahead of the curve. Creating a 'hook' snippet of your video allows you to turn your video into it's own mini-funnel.

1. The prospect watches a 15-30 second 'hook' snippet of your video that encourages them to learn more, accompanied by a 'watch more' button:

2. The prospect clicks through to a custom-made landing page with a longer version of the video that funnels them to the call-to-action:

3. The 2 videos combine to make the full 2-minute video (in this case used on the homepage):

By creating a 'hook' snippet of your video, you can have your cake and eat it too - instead of either an ad or a 2 minute video, you're doing both. Not only will the prospect engage with your entire message step-by-step, but they will be funneled to your website in the process. This maximizes your chances of converting your viewers to customers.

The videos seen above were created by us at Black Iris Films as a pro-bono service to the non-profit Street Growth. If you'd like to create something similar for your business, book a strategy session now and we'll help you figure it out, no-obligations.


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