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The Power of the 1-Minute Video

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

A lot of people resented the 1-minute limit for Instagram™ videos, but it can actually work in your favour. A 1-minute video has a lot of benefits to video marketing...

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1. Leave them wanting more

Many rookie video creators loathe the idea of cutting their hard work down to a measly 1 minute, but most often their attitude changes once they see the end result. It's punchier, faster paced and leaves the viewer wanting more.

2. Higher retention rate

Because there's less to watch, viewers get through a higher percentage of the video length. This pushes up SEO and makes your video more likely to get pushed to other viewers.

3. Reverse story structure

A 1-minute video is one of the rare places you can get away with a reverse story structure. You can start with the resolution, go straight to the climax, the all is lost moment, the journey, the call to action and then finally the introduction to the characters. Normally a reverse story structure would get too boring towards the end but not in this case. Because it's so short, it hooks the viewer up front and encourages them to keep watching until the end, at which point they just start to feel connected to the characters because you finish by introducing them. What you end on is as powerful as what you open with because it's what people think about when they finish your video.

Okay, that's a little complicated to get through in one paragraph... maybe we should write a whole post about it... but it's valid nonetheless.

4. Better engagement

Because you're cramming so much of the good stuff in so quickly, you're thrilling your viewer much more in that short window before they scroll on. As such, they're more likely to like or comment because you didn't waste their time.

5. Tell the whole story

There's nothing worse than telling someone an anecdote you think they'll really enjoy, only to be interrupted and not be able to tell them the hilarious twist ending. If you want to communicate an anecdotal story to your viewers, a 1-minuter is a great way to go.


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